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We cannot thank you enough...

THANK YOU and your team for the past year and half of loving, compassionate and professional care you have provided my father.  Caring for an elderly parent is time consuming, stressful and mixed with fluctuating emotions, the expertise and care that you provided was more than I could have expected.  Your honest thoughtful evaluations right from the start have reassured our family that our father is in the best hands possible.  It is extremely evident you only have the patient’s interest in mind period.  Your professional service has assisted my father and our family with the peace of mind knowing that if there is any opportunity for improving his mobility and comfort you will do so, delivered in a genuine friendly caring manner.  We cannot thank you enough and it has been a pleasure working with you.

Mark Chernoff 

(son to a patient, L.C.)

Everyone at My Home Rehab has been truly amazing... I would wholeheartedly recommend them!

In October of 2017 our mom fell and broke her hip. She spent a month in bed over at the North Shore Hospice as that was the route things were going. Suddenly she started to improve and we found ourselves scrambling for physiotherapy to get her up and moving again. It was our good fortune that we heard of My Home Rehab. When Erwin first saw our mom, he wasn't just dealing with the month in bed after a broken hip, to make it even more of a challenge, our mom has Alzheimer's and severe anxiety.  He looked at the whole picture and took the time to figure her out. He knew exactly how to calm her down. He had her up and walking within a few sessions! The instruction was always clear and precise given in a gentle and caring tone. She responded to him so positively right from the beginning. He was our ray of sunshine in those early days when it was all overwhelming. My Home Rehab still sees our mom once a week now as she responds so well to them and we want to keep up her strength as much as possible. They are fantastic about sharing her care plan with the team so everyone is consistent. They also communicate any concerns with us immediately, as well as with the long term care facility where our mom is now. Everyone at My Home Rehab has been truly amazing and I would wholeheartedly recommend them!

Stacy Chalut

(daughter to a patient, J.B.)

My Home Rehab team is remarkable...

A committed belief in physical therapy with My Home Rehab has been a remarkable blessing for our 89 year-old father.  The skills, talent and rehab expertise of their therapists has been shared joyfully with Jack and has inspired his recovery journey.  Through invigorating work with them, he has emerged as a once bed-ridden senior with a broken hip to return as a revitalized man with an ambulatory life engaged in the local community.  Back on his red scooter and off to the shops!  In practical terms, the administrators of My Home Rehab are very organised and have good communication exchange between patients, family, their therapists plus all medical support specialists.  They are fully engaged in the details needed for complete rehabilitation.  They believe in the patient and what needs to be done and they have the abilities to make it happen.  As I said, the My Home Rehab team is remarkable.

Catherine Smith

(daughter to a patient, J.B.)

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