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In-Home Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Seniors

Physical Strengthening

We offer personalized exercises to promote circulation and mobility to reduce muscular weakness due to stroke, muscle loss or muscle imbalance.


Losses in muscle mass can lead to increased disability, frailty, fatigue, and falls. Physical strengthening has been shown to be an effective means to combat these functional losses in even the oldest and frailest seniors.


Our programs are safe and effective and will provide just the right amount of challenge so that the patient will finish feeling satisfied yet not overly fatigued.


Fall Prevention

The fear of falling is a large factor that severely impacts the daily lives of seniors. With our training, we can help minimize the risk of falling and fall-related injuries. Some common factors that increase fall risks are muscle weakness, poor balance and gait, foot problems, proprioception issues and poor vision.

We provide solutions to help improve their balance and confidence in performing daily activities independently.


Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

We provide active rehabilitation to help patients recover f​rom orthopedic surgery -- most often hip, knee, ankle or shoulder replacements.

Active rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery is safe and very important because it will help prevent functional declines related to bed rest.

It is likely that without proper rehabilitation, seniors can experience a compromised range of motion at the replaced joint, and the surrounding muscles can become very weak.


Stroke Rehabilitation

Often, stroke patients will experience hemiparesis (weakness of one side of the body), we can help them regain strength on the affected side and move their affected limbs through therapy.​

It is very important that elderly patients who suffered a stroke be seen immediately by a physiotherapist because the stage just after the stroke is when the brain is most receptive to forming new habits. This is called cortical plasticity. 

We have physiotherapists who are experts in handling stroke patients and specialize on neuro-ability rehabilitation and therapy.


All our therapists see patients under strict protocols. Read about the safety measures we follow (pdf)

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