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We offer in-home physiotherapy and rehabilitation to seniors in West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Greater Vancouver areas.

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Physical Strengthening

We offer personalized exercises to promote circulation and mobility to reduce muscular weakness due to stroke, muscle loss or muscle imbalance.


Fall Prevention

We provide solutions to help improve balance and confidence in performing daily activities independently.


Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

We provide active rehabilitation to help patients recover from orthopedic surgery -- most often hip, knee, ankle or shoulder replacements.


Stroke Rehabilitation

We have physiotherapists who are experts in handling stroke patients and specialize in neuro-ability rehabilitation and therapy.

We believe healing starts from within, it improves with proper care and succeeds with empowerment. All our therapists are committed to adhering to our core values of empathy, compassion and respect when dealing with patients.

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You may call us at our office or email to inquire about our services. Our administrative assistant would gladly answer your questions and inform you of programs that would address your needs.

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Book an appointment

You will receive our intake form and a schedule for an initial consultation. We offer FREE initial assessment. Inquire about it from our administrative assistant.

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Initial Assessment

During the initial assessment, our therapist will ask you questions regarding your medical history and current mobility issues. This will guide our therapist in creating the best program for you.

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Therapy Care Plan

You will receive a care plan with the recommended types and frequency of exercises designed by our physiotherapist or kinesiologist. Once you approve of the plan, our administrative assistant will contact you to set up your sessions.

Therapy Sessions

You will be notified of your appointments by email or phone call. A reminder email or call will be done at least two days before your scheduled session. A session can be one hour or 30 minutes long.

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A report is written by our therapist after every session. The report includes the exercises done and the progress you made. You can request that these reports be sent to you, your family, or doctors. 

What our clients say

My Home Rehab has helped me greatly to achieve the ability to become mobile after two serious surgeries due to a fall a year ago. The fall resulted in a broken hip and pelvis. The people are extremely professional and friendly. It is also very convenient that they come to my home, rather than having to go out. I would highly recommend them.

Bev Holman

(sister-in-law to a patient, M.M)

The service provided by all the staff at My Home Rehab has been outstanding -- professional, caring, very responsive to specific requests -- everything needed when one's situation requires in-home rehabilitation. I would highly recommend their services. Your services have more than met my expectations.

Rosemarie Leverton

(daughter to a patient, J.H.)

My Home Rehab has been working with my mom for at least 3 years now. The therapists she has worked with have all been extremely attentive and compassionate, and my mom has told me how much she looks forward to seeing them. If we didn't have physiotherapists working with my mom, her mobility would have steadily declined. I also was impressed with the quick and detailed responses I received...when I had questions or concerns.

Sheryl Gracey

(patient, West Vancouver)

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