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How can virtual therapy help seniors

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors are negatively impacted with regards to their mobility. Without the motivation and guidance of physiotherapists and kinesiologists, it can be a challenge to keep moving.

Sadly, most have lost interest in maintaining the exercise routine they had before the pandemic.

Lack of exercise and movement is detrimental to seniors' health. Without regular exercise, they can easily lose their strength, independence and balance.

Here is where virtual therapy comes into the picture. What is virtual therapy? How can it work with seniors isolated at home?

According to Medical News Today, "virtual therapy is therapy that takes place via the phone, an app, a video chat, or even a virtual reality device." These days, we hear the terms "telehealth" or "telerehab" to describe the type of physiotherapy and rehab offered to seniors.

Virtual therapy has been used for years but it is only now that it is gaining popularity fast and wide. Many physiotherapy companies now offer this service to their clients. They can continue to safely provide therapy to patients through video conferencing.

For seniors who are advised by their doctors to stay home and minimize contact with outsiders, virtual therapy is the best option to stay active and healthy. But how does it work?

The basic requirements are:

- an iPad or a computer

- phone

- fast internet connection

- ample space for exercising

- a family member or caregiver (for seniors who need in-person assistance)

Once everything is set up for video conferencing, all the senior has to do is be there in front of the camera and follow instructions given by the therapist. It can be intimidating at first but it gets easier over time.

Why not see if virtual therapy is right for you? Contact us at 604-916-4704 or email and one of our therapists will be in touch with you.

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