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This current pandemic and social isolation have made it incredibly difficult for seniors to be motivated to continue with their therapy and remain active.


Given these circumstances, our team has decided to provide telehealth/telerehabilitation to our clients to help them recover, stay strong and healthy at the comfort of their homes.

We understand that this service is not suitable for all seniors. This is why we offer the first session FREE so we can both determine whether you or your loved one will really benefit from this platform.



Our physiotherapists are experts in handling stroke patients and specialize in neuro-ability rehabilitation and therapy. They also provide active rehabilitation to help patients recover from orthopedic surgery -- most often hip, knee, ankle or shoulder replacements.

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Our kinesiologists can help seniors to improve balance and confidence in performing daily activities independently. They also provide personalized exercises to promote circulation and mobility to reduce weakness due to stroke, muscle loss or muscle imbalance.

Taping a shoulder wound

Wound Care Treatment

Our wound care clinician

provides treatments of chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, arterial and venous ulcers. Treatments are based on the best clinical practices for the medical management of wounds among seniors.

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